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Declaration of privacy protection
Mi2 website commits to protect your online privacy. For helping you to understand how Mi2 website collects, apply and protect the personal information provided by you, please carefully read the following policies of privacy protection.

Obtaining of personal information
It is not necessary to key in your personal information when a user enters into Mi2 website. Based on the different services provided by Mi2 website, personal information is collected according to the following conditions: a. Membership registration. Mi2 website will not obtain users’ personal information without noticing the users unless users are willing to apply for a website account. b. Website login. When you actively login or make changes of information at Mi2 website, your email address and website description may be kept for the needs of operations. c. Online shopping. Mi2 website will collect the related information provided by you for further understanding the products, service, quantity, payer and delivery information while you proceed with online shopping at MI2 website.

Self-protection measures
Please keep your password or any personal information well. Do not disclose your personal information especially password to anyone. After you finish shopping and reading the email, be sure to log out your account. If you share a computer with others, please make sure you close the browsing window so as to avoid others from reading your personal data or mails.

Information Security
Mi2 website credit card payment service system is protected by SSL. The information filled in during the process of shopping is processed with SSL encryption. The payment is made through SSL online security payment system. Therefore, transactions are secured.

Cookies refer to short information written with browser at server’s end for distinguishing users’ preferences. You can cancel or limit such function through the settings of browser. If you select to refuse all cookies, you are unable to use part of the personalized services or take part in some activities. Based on the following purpose and conditions, Mi2 will write in and read cookies in your browser within the criteria of the policies and principles.

Change of personal account and information
After you register as a member of Mi2 website, you can use your account and password to change your personal information at any time. This includes the requests of stopping information such as epaper, advertisement and so on.

If you have any questions regarding privacy at Mi2 website,


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