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Shopping regulations
1. Mi2 website reserves the right of accepting purchase orders.
2. Visitors entering into the website and their IP addresses are recorded. Please do not deliberately destroy the website or ordering products randomly. This website will reserve the right to take legal actions.
3. The prices of the products sold at Mi2 website meet the principles of fair trade.
4.The website values consumers’ rights and abides by related laws and regulations.
5.Visitors who order products online will follow the regulations in relating to shopping and freight charging system.
6.Please keep your membership account, password and any personal information well. Please do not disclose your personal information especially password to others. 

Shopping procedures
You are required to log in Mi2 membership website so as to put your buys in to the shopping cart. 
Shopping cart→Step1
Delivery method→Step2
Payment method→Step3
Order confirmation→Step4

Completion of ordering Delivery
After you successfully purchase the products, this system will automatically process your order. You will receive the products you buy within 7~10 working days. 
The delivery charges vary based on delivery options. Mi2 offers delivery service domestically and part of overseas. The freight of all products will be borne to buyers upon generating the bill. After buyers agree to pay the freight, payment can be made. 
Domestic: 1. Taiwan Post Co., Ltd.:
Overseas 2. EMS
after placing the order, we will deliver the products by registered package within five days (exclusive of holidays, special holidays and the act of God)after confirming the receipt of payment.

1. Credit cards are acceptable domestically in and overseas.
2. ATM transfer is acceptable domestically in .
Those who choose ATM payment option are required to transfer the payment within three days (which are not influenced by holidays) after the confirmation of orders and receipt of Mi2’s account information.

The invoices will be delivered together with the products you buy. Please keep the invoices well so as to protect your rights. If the invoices are lost, refund is notacceptable. 
Please send a notice to us within three days (inclusive of holidays) after receipt of invoices if it is desired to make any change on the invoices. Meanwhile, please send Mi2 an envelope with postage (indicating the recipient’s delivery address) by registered mail within 7 days (exclusive of holidays) after receipt of the invoices so as to request Mi2 to reissue the invoices. Mi2 will reissue the invoices within 7 days (exclusive of holidays) after receipt of the envelope with postage and deliver the reissued invoices to the recipient within 3~7 days (exclusive of holidays).

Refund and replacement
The refund is not acceptable when the damage of products or the ordering of wrong items is caused by the consumer, or when it is defected products for sale or products of special offers.
When you request for a refund or replacement, please deliver the products with their original packing materials and accessories, gifts and invoice back to Mi2. If the carton is lost, please pack the box wrapping the products. Do not paste the bill of lading directly on the box or writing on the box. 
If the box wrapping the products is damaged or any piece of the products is missing, refund is not acceptable. Refund is not acceptable after 7 days upon receipt of the products. Please inform Mi2 customer service center of the request of refund or replacement. If such request is not informed to the customer service center and the consumer sends the products back, such request will not be acceptable. Mi2 will immediately return the products to the consumer.

Payment refund:
payment will be returned back to a consumer based on the payment option you tick. If the payment is made by credit card online, the refund will be returned to your credit card account when the refund information is complete. It takes 5 to 7 days for the banks to process the refund. The refund may be listed in the bill in the current month or next month. 

ATM transfer:
please provide the refund account of buyer or recipient.Name of bank and branch / bank account / name of account


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