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Space Hike

Who on earth are aliens? You? or I?
The stories of Space Hike series talk about the interesting things happening on the little friends who come from a faraway planet and take a trip to the earth.

Raby is an introvert and shy person full of a sense of justice.  He has a weird disease.  He cannot live without music.  Therefore, he wears a headset every day. 
Raby often goes to Mo-Mo (aliens) Used CD shop after school.  At Mo-Mo, there are the best Musical CDs collected from different planets he can listen.  One day, Raby encounters Rock-And-Roll music.  What an interesting type of music.  He loves Rock-And-Roll music since then.  Raby wishes that he can visit the planet filled with Rock-And-Roll music someday.

Moli (Raby’s sister)
Moli is an extrovert, active and imaginative person.  She likes to see monster movies.  But she hates the heroes in the monster movies most.  She is wondering why heroes always tease monsters.  The monsters are so lovely.
Moli likes doing exercises.  She often invents strange movements and actions.  Everybody feels funny.  However, this turns Moli mad.  Moli believes that there must be a lot of monsters in the universe.  Someday she will find them and play with them.

Milla is the youngest sister.  She is a baby but she has the most magic power.  She was born to communicate with the nature.  She feels sleepy after she uses her superpower every time. 

Chaac is a tough guy.  He has been here on earth for a long time.  His UFO crashed on earth.  He saved his life but he lost his memory.  He has forgotten that he is an alien. 
Chaac has been living in the forest.  He loves the nature and historical heritage.  His heart is peaceful under such environment.  He hates creatures which destroy the nature.  Destroying the nature is the same as destroying his home.  He will try every effort to stop it.  Chaac has nightmares.  It seems that those nightmares convey the memories he had before.  Who is Chaac?

Secret investigator – E
He is so mysterious.  Nobody knows what he does. 
According to the information, he comes from the highest ranked and most mysterious organization.  He specializes in collecting and analyzing the information from different planets. 

Hades is a dreadful, cruel and ruthless bad guy.  He has destroyed many planets.  He has made those planets existing in darkness and coldness forever.  Nobody knows where Hades comes from and why he is here.  People only know that Hades had been the most dreadful Lucifer in the universe.  Later, Hades was set up by his lover and put into the “Star Hell” for millions of years. 

Dark Brothers
A pair of evil brothers!  They were taught and trained by Hades in their childhood.  The Dark Brothers have treated Hades as heroes and they believe in everything from Hades. 
Before Hades was caught, he told the brothers a secret plan and asked to do it.  The Dark Brothers have invaded many planets based on the plan.  They are waiting for rescuing Hades one day. 

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