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10.06.17 小善哉公益活動
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Mi2展場位置 2009 台北國際玩具創作大展     




   Buddha's Delight&Pet <2008台北國際玩具創作大展限定>



          我們會用十倍、一百倍的力量來創作,用作品來交流我們彼此的心吧!!  期待我們能再見面囉。 謝謝 ~_~

          In this festival, we were very nervous and couldn't fall asleep for several days.
          Because this was first time to exhibit and introduce to public.
          All of our members did our best, and so glad to receive good reaction.
          Really…thanks all of you supported us during these days.
          Because of your back up, we can see our future in the corner.
          We will innovate new characters with 10 times、100 times efforts.
          To make them be our common interests!!We hope to see you again~~ thanks a million ~_~!
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